Fint Hay Farms provides timothy and orchard grass hay in convenient small square bales for easy transport and feeding. Our hay is grown on approximately 750 acres in the lush green mountains of West Virginia and Western Maryland and stored in dry conditions before it is transported south.


Please stop by and take a look at our hay at our convenient retail location on West Highway 40 in Ocala, FL. We work with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction in the product.  You can also visit the home farm on US Route 50 in Aurora, WV.


About Fint Hay Farms

Providing premium quality hay for livestock.

Fint Hay Farms

What Sets Us Apart

Small Square Bales

Our hay is processed into standard small square bales then banded together in large cubes that can be easily moved and transported via forklift, trailer and pickup truck.

Northern Grown

The temperate weather of our growing area allows us to consistently produce quality hay throughout the growing season. 


Skip the middleman. When you purchase hay from Fint Hay Farms, you work directly with the farmers who plant, cut and process your hay. Our main farm and associated hay fields are typically small family farms that have been in the same families for generations.   


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